Thursday, October 1, 2015

"Arachnids To Zombies; Art for Halloween and In-Between "

Diana Tonnelson - Creature Feature

Ever wonder how we got to this point where our society is obsessed with the creepy crawly and the grotesque? It's everywhere and it used to only be prominent when the Fall season started but now it comes as early as summer. Of course in the past couple of years an abundant amount of popular TV shows have filled us with fear and horror to our delight.

For myself, the obsession started like this: my son came home on summer break from shisss... Florida State.  He stepped into the kitchen and changed the TV channel to the extremely gruesome AMC show "The Walking Dead." I told him to change it, it was gross and I didn't want to watch creepy zombies eat people.

Well that didn't have any effect. He is the baby of the family and you know how persuasive they are and how easy we are manipulated, well three years later I am hooked on that incredible show! Now everything revolves around a "Zombie Apocalypse!" 

Start your obsession in October at the Artisans' Guild with some of our original pieces of "creatively creepy" art for everyone's taste.

.........and by the way if you want to survive that Zombie Apocalypse, a new "Survival" Store is opening in downtown High Springs providing all your doomsday needs. 

Happy Halloween from the 
Artisans' Guild Gallery Artists!

Sharon Cates - Spider Web

Deborah Cohen-Crown - Boo to You

Linda Pence - Spider

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