Thursday, September 10, 2015

Guild Artists shine at the super successful GFAA's Best of the Best Show and Art Auction.

      On August 28 a huge event was held at Santa Fe College's Fine Art Gallery. 92 Year old Gainesville Fine Arts Association showcased 100 amazing pieces of art donated from local artists in the area. The pieces were auctioned off to raise money for their new building. GFAA, for the first time in their history, is going to have their first official home at 1310 S Main Street in Gainesville. Many of the artists who donated works to this worthy cause were guild artists. Here is a sampling of art from our artists.

Always paying it forward.....

Karen LeMonnier - Payne's Prairie
Bob Senesac - Marsh Cedar Key
Joyce Dewsbury - Sahara
Marilyn Gray - Cultivate Your Inner Self
Linda Pence - Prairie Bison & Calf
Joyce Dewsbury - Africa
Miriam Novak - On the Edge
Miriam Novak - Together
Ann Lindell - Plate
Jo-Ann Alarid - Blue Bird
Tina Corbett - Rum Island Canoe II
Jacquelyne Collett - Three Moons
Jo-Ann Alarid - Flowers
Jo-Ann Alarid - Sunshine - Necklace & Earrings
Ann Lindell  - Necklace
Mandy Macias -  A Touch of Orange
Virginia Chen - Rainbow Springs

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