Monday, June 22, 2015

Always working, always creative and always striving for the best!

       Every artist's knows that creativity can become dormant and that it always has to be fed. New inspirations must be cultivated in order to grow and every artist can always improve and delve into new roads toward the goal of "better" art.

      This idea to grow inspired guild artist's Tina Corbett and Linda Pence to participate in a wonderful workshop by amazing local and established artists, Kathleen Wobie and MaryJane Volkman. The Color & Dimension Workshop was held in McIntosh on May 16 & 17, working from a lovely studio space at the top of a hill with great views down to Orange Lake. Several of the things Linda and Tina learned were how to mix a variety of colors in nature from a limited palette and creating proper perspective out in the field with the use of color. Tina said "it was so exciting to mix over 25 combinations of green which will be so helpful when painting plein air and capturing the real look of nature."

      We all look forward to see the benefits of this workshop in their newest works at the guild. 

Critiquing our works.

Some samples of one of the exercises.

The workshop students working on what they learned.

MaryJane showing different color palettes of the same scene.

Teachers, Kathleen Wobie and Maryjane Volkman with a student.

Linda Pence painting away.
Tina Corbett using new skills.
The painting view.

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