Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Art of Painting on Location ....Friday Morning Plein Air Painting.

Every Friday morning, magic happens in and around Alachua County. Several artists that are members of Gainesville Fine Arts Association gather together to paint the beautiful landscapes that make up this lovely area of North Florida. Four of those artists are members of the Artisans' Guild Art Gallery, Peter Senesac, Tina Corbett, Karen LeMonnier and Linda Pence. Some of the places they have painted at include; Melrose Bay, Kanapaha Gardens, O'leno State Park, Rum Island, Paynes Prairie, Matheson House, The Thomas Center, private ranches, farms and anywhere on the Santa Fe River that looks exciting.

You can see some their finished work everyday at the guild and other art venues all over Alachua County. Peter and Tina also do several local art festivals throughout the year. If you would like to join the GFAA's Plein Air Group consider joining Gainesville Fine Arts Association to benefit from all the perks of being a part of this wonderful art group. Check out their website to learn more by clicking onto this link, Gainesville Fine Arts Association.

Peter Senesac's Plein Air Oil painting from Oak Hammock in Gainesville.

Tina Corbett painting at Kanapaha Gardens, Gainesville.

Gainesville Fine Arts Association's Plein Air Group at Oak Hammock in Gainesville.

The plein air group's paintings they did that morning. On display during the critique by the group at the end of the morning.

Peter Senesac's plein air painting from Paynes Prairie.
Karen LeMonnier painting at O'Leno State Park.
Karen LeMonnier's plein air painting at O'Leno State Park.

Tina Corbett's plein air painting from O'Leno State Park.

O'Leno State Park.

Paynes Prairie.

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  1. Wow - looks like a wonderfully creative experience. Look forward to seeing some of the paintings.