Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Small Treasures await you at The Artisans' Guild.

The holidays are now over and a new year is here. This year, 2015, perhaps we want to streamline our budget and want to learn how to be a more savory shopper. Maybe we want to strive to be a person of excellence and integrity in every way that we conduct our lives, including the way we shop. We can do all that by shopping at the guild, which supports the creative juices of our area. When we buy local, buy "American", and buy from real artists they could be our neighbors. We are also buying from artists who take pride in the work of their hands like the old masters and crafters of old. At the Artisans' Art Guild we could do all of this. Unique and one of kind art to fit every taste and budget.

  So check it out. Even the small budget can afford the "Small Treasures" that await you here at the Artisans' Art Guild Gallery in the heart of downtown Gainesville.

Sky Cambell and Sarah Hinds glass pieces in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Bookmarks with that special feel by Martha Hoggard.

Beautiful crafted wood boxes by Steve Hunter.

Rick Shamel's ingenious brooches.

Great scenes for a desk or wall in these small unique tiles by Bob Senesac.

Create a conversation with these mini book necklaces by Ronnie Grundset. 

Mini Original Oil Paintings include the easel by Tina Corbett.

Whimsical Mini Paintings by Kana Handel.

Colorful and funky brooches by Ana Varela.

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