Thursday, October 1, 2015

"Arachnids To Zombies; Art for Halloween and In-Between "

Diana Tonnelson - Creature Feature

Ever wonder how we got to this point where our society is obsessed with the creepy crawly and the grotesque? It's everywhere and it used to only be prominent when the Fall season started but now it comes as early as summer. Of course in the past couple of years an abundant amount of popular TV shows have filled us with fear and horror to our delight.

For myself, the obsession started like this: my son came home on summer break from shisss... Florida State.  He stepped into the kitchen and changed the TV channel to the extremely gruesome AMC show "The Walking Dead." I told him to change it, it was gross and I didn't want to watch creepy zombies eat people.

Well that didn't have any effect. He is the baby of the family and you know how persuasive they are and how easy we are manipulated, well three years later I am hooked on that incredible show! Now everything revolves around a "Zombie Apocalypse!" 

Start your obsession in October at the Artisans' Guild with some of our original pieces of "creatively creepy" art for everyone's taste.

.........and by the way if you want to survive that Zombie Apocalypse, a new "Survival" Store is opening in downtown High Springs providing all your doomsday needs. 

Happy Halloween from the 
Artisans' Guild Gallery Artists!

Sharon Cates - Spider Web

Deborah Cohen-Crown - Boo to You

Linda Pence - Spider

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Artisans' Guild Artist Gretchen Brooks continues to win!

The Thomas Center Center Slice Quilt
Evening Flight Quilt Wall Hanging.

Gretchen, participated with several other quilters in making a very unique quilt, "The Thomas Center Slice Quilt", which won third place for Collaborative Quilts in the Quilt Fest of Jacksonville, which takes place September 24-26. Her wall hanging, "Evening Flight" won first place in the Small Art Quilts in the same show.

Her group of quilters from the Alachua County Day Guild, worked from a photo of the Thomas Center and each person interpreted one small section which were stitched together to form the overall quilt which is about 6 feet long. They graciously donated this lovely guilt pictured above to The Thomas Center where it will be hanging in the conference room starting Oct. 1. After the shows run and next time you are visiting the Thomas Center make sure you check out this amazing cooperative art work.

Quilt Fest of Jacksonville is being held at:

Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center
1000 Water Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Guild Artists shine at the super successful GFAA's Best of the Best Show and Art Auction.

      On August 28 a huge event was held at Santa Fe College's Fine Art Gallery. 92 Year old Gainesville Fine Arts Association showcased 100 amazing pieces of art donated from local artists in the area. The pieces were auctioned off to raise money for their new building. GFAA, for the first time in their history, is going to have their first official home at 1310 S Main Street in Gainesville. Many of the artists who donated works to this worthy cause were guild artists. Here is a sampling of art from our artists.

Always paying it forward.....

Karen LeMonnier - Payne's Prairie
Bob Senesac - Marsh Cedar Key
Joyce Dewsbury - Sahara
Marilyn Gray - Cultivate Your Inner Self
Linda Pence - Prairie Bison & Calf
Joyce Dewsbury - Africa
Miriam Novak - On the Edge
Miriam Novak - Together
Ann Lindell - Plate
Jo-Ann Alarid - Blue Bird
Tina Corbett - Rum Island Canoe II
Jacquelyne Collett - Three Moons
Jo-Ann Alarid - Flowers
Jo-Ann Alarid - Sunshine - Necklace & Earrings
Ann Lindell  - Necklace
Mandy Macias -  A Touch of Orange
Virginia Chen - Rainbow Springs

Monday, August 17, 2015

Artisans' Guild artist gives her time and from her heart.

Artisans' Guild Gallery painter Kana Handel provided art instruction 
for the UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine program this month!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Your big chance is here.... the RED DOT Sale is happening now thru the end of August!

Summer has been excruciatingly warm so far but the hottest thing going on is at the Artisans' Guild Art Gallery. This is the time to get the best prices on super deals from some of your favorite artists at the guild.  During the entire month of July and August most of the members at the guild are putting little red dots on many of their art pieces. This means a significant discount to you, our faithful customers. It is a great way to let you have something amazingly creative and at the same time make room for new art at the gallery for the fall months.

Make sure you get there to see what items have that red dot before they are gone forever. Keep coming back throughout July and August because the Artists may add pieces to the sale!

Look at some of the wonderful things I found that have red dots on them.....

Necklace by Jo Ann Alarid.

Pottery by Kate Murray.

Platter by Mary Ann Bonner.

Get that Gator ready for school with a Dragon Fly bracelet from Jeanne Bunting.
Karen LeMonnier, an Original Oil Painting.
Another Original Oil Painting, from Tina Corbett.
 Framed Watercolor from Linda Pence.

Necklace by Trude Spillane.

How about this cup for that cat friend, from Ana Varela?

So here are just a few red dot creations from our 50+ artists, shop for the holidays early and get the these summer bargains! Be the envy of all your friends!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Always working, always creative and always striving for the best!

       Every artist's knows that creativity can become dormant and that it always has to be fed. New inspirations must be cultivated in order to grow and every artist can always improve and delve into new roads toward the goal of "better" art.

      This idea to grow inspired guild artist's Tina Corbett and Linda Pence to participate in a wonderful workshop by amazing local and established artists, Kathleen Wobie and MaryJane Volkman. The Color & Dimension Workshop was held in McIntosh on May 16 & 17, working from a lovely studio space at the top of a hill with great views down to Orange Lake. Several of the things Linda and Tina learned were how to mix a variety of colors in nature from a limited palette and creating proper perspective out in the field with the use of color. Tina said "it was so exciting to mix over 25 combinations of green which will be so helpful when painting plein air and capturing the real look of nature."

      We all look forward to see the benefits of this workshop in their newest works at the guild. 

Critiquing our works.

Some samples of one of the exercises.

The workshop students working on what they learned.

MaryJane showing different color palettes of the same scene.

Teachers, Kathleen Wobie and Maryjane Volkman with a student.

Linda Pence painting away.
Tina Corbett using new skills.
The painting view.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Art of Painting on Location ....Friday Morning Plein Air Painting.

Every Friday morning, magic happens in and around Alachua County. Several artists that are members of Gainesville Fine Arts Association gather together to paint the beautiful landscapes that make up this lovely area of North Florida. Four of those artists are members of the Artisans' Guild Art Gallery, Peter Senesac, Tina Corbett, Karen LeMonnier and Linda Pence. Some of the places they have painted at include; Melrose Bay, Kanapaha Gardens, O'leno State Park, Rum Island, Paynes Prairie, Matheson House, The Thomas Center, private ranches, farms and anywhere on the Santa Fe River that looks exciting.

You can see some their finished work everyday at the guild and other art venues all over Alachua County. Peter and Tina also do several local art festivals throughout the year. If you would like to join the GFAA's Plein Air Group consider joining Gainesville Fine Arts Association to benefit from all the perks of being a part of this wonderful art group. Check out their website to learn more by clicking onto this link, Gainesville Fine Arts Association.

Peter Senesac's Plein Air Oil painting from Oak Hammock in Gainesville.

Tina Corbett painting at Kanapaha Gardens, Gainesville.

Gainesville Fine Arts Association's Plein Air Group at Oak Hammock in Gainesville.

The plein air group's paintings they did that morning. On display during the critique by the group at the end of the morning.

Peter Senesac's plein air painting from Paynes Prairie.
Karen LeMonnier painting at O'Leno State Park.
Karen LeMonnier's plein air painting at O'Leno State Park.

Tina Corbett's plein air painting from O'Leno State Park.

O'Leno State Park.

Paynes Prairie.